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Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is the most famous and widely traded digital currency in the world. Users worldwide invest in it to make profits for their businesses. Before investing, the first thing that comes to mind is the convenience and reliability of a network. Nowadays, many platforms are working for users’ ease and a better overall experience. In this article, you’ll know all about how you can sell bitcoin for money and receive it in any part of the world. Besides, keep reading to know a lot more.

While bitcoin is increasing in its popularity, several misconceptions remain eminent. For instance, bitcoin anonymity. As a trader, if you don’t want to reveal your identity, don’t worry. Numerous ways allow you to sell bitcoins for cash while remaining anonymous. To trade bitcoin near me, locate reliable exchange platforms or peer-to-peer exchanges. The best of it is face to face dealing, LocalBitcoins can arrange in-person trades for cash. The number of people that want to trade this way will surprise you. Head over to BitcoinsCashout for an amazing experience. Here you can sell bitcoins safely and securely while being anonymous.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin for Cash Instantly

Investing in bitcoin seems sometimes difficult for those who have just started or beginners in bitcoin business ideas. But those who are experts know how to make money with blockchain. You can buy and sell bitcoin for cash instantly. However, bitcoins can also be purchased in exchange for services. So, here we will talk about how to start a bitcoin exchange easily. There are a few steps you need to follow with which you can buy and sell bitcoin in Australia and also sell bitcoin in the UK, or any other part of the world.Firstly, visit the home page of that website where you want to sell or buy bitcoins. Register your account and enter. Whether you want to buy or sell, make sure to check the exchange rate as they are different everywhere. Go for the platform that offers a better exchange rate. Additionally, also check the additional charges.For buying, enter the currency and amount. Review it carefully, and simply add them to your wallet. You can use the website’s wallet. However, you can also buy bitcoin with google wallet. The currency will be transferred to your account shortlyTo sell, go to the home page. Select the currency you want to sell. And then enter the amount. It will require your wallet address, review it and then continue. In the very next step, some payment details will be needed like account number, etc. Once you enter every detail, your payment process will finish and you will get your cash instantly.CoinBase is one of the best platforms for this purpose. But how long does it take to buy bitcoin on CoinBase? Just a few minutes. As mentioned above, after completing a few steps, your bitcoins are sold and you get your currency in your wallet shortly.

5 Easy ways to sell Bitcoin fast

If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg in the transaction and other fees, here is a step by step guide to making that happen. Follow the 5 easy steps below to sell your bitcoins fast.

  • Firstly, find a reliable and authentic cryptocurrency exchange that operates in your country. For instance, Coinmama, Coinbase, etc.
  • Secondly, send your Bitcoins to that exchange platform.
  • Next, trade your Bitcoin for fiat currency, do that in any currency you want such as USD, AUD, Naira, Thai Baht, etc.
  • Now, withdraw your amount to your local bank account or wallet.
  • Finally, you can have your money.

How to sell Bitcoin on Cash App

Can you exchange Bitcoin for cash on an application? Yes, there are several methods to sell bitcoin out which CashApp is also a reliable one. Cash apps are readily available. You can easily get them from different websites or from the play store. Once you download it, you can start buying or selling bitcoin on Cashapp. First of all, open the cash app. Remember that, every cash app offers a different homepage. Some of them are user-friendly, while some are difficult to configure all settings. For example, a bcc to btc converter and calculator can also be available on the home page. So, download the one which is easy to use. There is an “Investing Tab” on the home page which is almost common everywhere. A new window will open. There, you will have to select the cryptocurrency you want to sell. Tap on the “Bitcoin” option and then click “Sell”. A pop-up menu will appear. In that menu, some amounts will be already available to select. You can choose from that. Otherwise, you can select the “Custom Amount” option and then enter the amount you want to sell. In the last step, you will need to enter Pin or Touch ID. select ‘Confirm”. Now, how long does bitcoin take to send? A few minutes. You will get your funds shortly after completing all the steps. Note: The CashApp may also require other identification information. CashApp also offers some other features. For example, you can add friends. But the question is how to add friends on the cash app. There will be an option of “Invite Freinds from where you can do so. However, you can also visit their help center and ask any question like how to buy bitcoin under18 and how to exchange cryptocurrency from Binance, and where can I load money on my cash app card, etc.

Bitcoin Best marketplace for Nigerian

Before you start investing in cryptocurrency, you’ll require the best marketplace for trading. If you’re in Nigeria, you can do that through many reliable platforms that offer various benefits. Besides, you’ll need to have a Bitcoin wallet at first. No one size fits all, therefore, do your research and build a wallet that best suits your needs.

Best sites to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

The currency of Nigeria is Naira. Due to inflation, there are huge ups and downs in the naira to bitcoin exchange. This is the reason why people convert bitcoin to naira. So, today, we will briefly take a look at the best sites to sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria and make money online in Nigeria.


Paxful is a well-known marketplace in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is a very reputable site where you can buy as well as sell bitcoin without any security problems. People throughout the world interact with this site by the trade offers posted by them.
You can easily signup from Nigeria and get started today. The site will also inform you about how much is 1 Bitcoin in Nigeria. Lastly, it also offers western union money transfers to Nigeria.


It is another best platform where you can sell bitcoin safely. The interface of this site is very simple and user-friendly. Additionally, most of the traders prefer this site as it is one of the most bitcoin trade volumes in Nigeria.
It has a very safe system of buying and selling bitcoin called Escrow. Your funds are first transferred to Escrow and then to your bitcoin wallet. Lastly, it is also the best PayPal exchanger in Nigeria.


Binance is also a well-liked platform for bitcoin investors. It is one of the leading trading platforms of cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell over 200 cryptocurrencies at this site.
The reason why investors prefer Bincane is that the process of buying or selling bitcoin is straightforward. You can simply buy or sell bitcoin by using a debit card or any bank transfer.
All in all, Binance is also a great option for bitcoin traders from Nigeria.

Other best sites to sell bitcoin in Nigeria include Quidax, Nairaex, and Kraken.

Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with Debit card

Nowadays, users can also buy Bitcoin via debit cards in Nigeria. Previously, this process was confusing and hard. However, now it's very easy and fast. Several exchanges have made this process smooth and convenient. Coinmama is a platform that allows users worldwide to buy bitcoin with their debit cards. You can also utilize it to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

How do I transfer money from Paxful to bank account?

To avoid inconvenience by sending your details to a trade partner every time you make a bank transfer deal, add more than one bank account in your Paxful account and utilize them whenever you need. You can use them in the future for your bank transfer trades and enjoy easy and safe deposits. Login to your Paxful account, and go to manage settings. Provide your bank details, country, currency, other information, and finally, save the details. This website will help you alot to wirhdraw bitcoin to bank account directly any where in the world.

How much can I sell 1 Bitcoin for?

Being one of the most invested cryptocurrencies throughout the world, you can sell 1 bitcoin to several cryptocurrencies and official currencies. You can sell 1 Bitcoin to Dollar and cash out bitcoin anonymously. Similarly, you can sell 1 Bitcoin in Pounds and also exchange bitcoin to Western Union. The industry of virtual currency has extended too much that there are approximately 4,000 cryptocurrencies. Each currency has its own banking processes. But the most popular is the BTC online banking. People and investors invest money in bitcoin and then sell them to earn cash. Additionally, the bitcoin atm fee is also relatively better. You can sell bitcoin to any other currency or virtual currency. For example, if you want to sell 1 bitcoin for a Dollar, the exchange rate is 48, 243 USD. Similarly, if you want to exchange 1 bitcoin for Pounds, the exchange rate will be 34, 786 Pounds. You can see the exchange rates of 1 Bitcoin are very high. The same is the case with Paypal. But you don’t know how to sell bitcoin on PayPal easily, you can visit the help center. Lastly, some people are confused that how long does it take to sell bitcoin. Let us tell you, that the conversion process is very easy. In the beginning, the exchange process was a bit difficult. But now, due to the high availability of exchangers, it has become so easy. All you have to do is to visit a platform where you want to sell bitcoin. Select the currency and amount. After that choose the currency you want to receive like USD or Pounds. And in the last, add them into your wallet. But before doing this, make sure the site is trustworthy or not to prevent any loss.

Sell Bitcoin for Western Union

Bitcoin has drawn the attention of millions of investors and people all around the world. People buy and sell bitcoin to several currencies and other cryptocurrencies. Some people buy bitcoin with western unions . But why? Is western union safe for buyers of bitcoins? Does western union buy gift cards? The answer is simple, bitcoin to western union cash conversion is totally safe. And gift cards are also provided. People use this method due to western union verification. You can only cash western union after completing some steps and verification. The next thing that investors like is the western union instant transfer. Once you order transfers, you will get your cash within 20 minutes. Similarly, the western union wallet, where you can store bitcoin, is also relatively better. Unlike others, the wallets keep your bitcoins safe and prevent them from any type of charges. Aside from this, there are also some other advantages of selling bitcoin to western unions. For example, you can sell a large number of bitcoins at once. The next thing is how to redeem western union points. It’s quite simple. All you need to do is to download the western union app. Register your ID or login. From the menu, select “My WU”. After that, tap “Redeem Point”. From there, select any reward you want to redeem. Those who don’t know how to send money through the western union should follow some simple steps. Firstly you will be given a western union slip sample that requires several pieces of information. For example, you will need to issue your government-issued ID photo, occupation, receiver’s name, address, account details, etc. After filling, agree to some terms and conditions. And your money will be transferred. Lastly, if you have any other issues regarding transferring or anything, you can visit their official site.

How to sell Bitcoin to Paypal

To sell bitcoin to PayPal has become very easy nowadays. It is because the internet is overloaded with platforms that sell BTC at today’s bitcoin price. You can easily set your own rates and can select over 300 payment options. Like you can also buy USD with Paypal.
Every platform has its own way of selling bitcoins for PayPal. But there are a few common and straightforward steps you need to follow when to sell cryptocurrency.

Login or Register

The very first step is to go to the homepage of that website and log in to your account if any. However, you can also register your new account. After entering some information, some terms and conditions will appear. Click the “Agree” option. In the last, some verification will be required. Once you verify, your account will be registered.

Set your Requirements

Once you log in, you will need to set your requirements. Firstly, check PayPal’s bitcoin exchange rate today. You can go for the Paxful as the Paxful Paypal conversion rate is relatively better.
Then, choose your preferred payment method i.e PayPal. After that, enter the amount of bitcoin your want to sell. Remember, before selling, make sure to check all the information about the buyer. So, once you get a suitable offer, go for it. Just click the “Sell Now” option and a trading chart will appear. There will be some instructions, just follow them. And once the buyer finishes his steps, you will receive your payment in a few minutes.


This step is also very important. You should leave a review or feedback once you sell your bitcoins successfully. It also makes the platform more reputable.
If you have other questions like how to withdraw from PayPal or how cryptocurrency sells on PayPal, you can visit their help center.

Buy-Sell Bitcoin in Canada

Canada is the country that is promoting cryptocurrencies too much. Due to which the people of Canada are also taking interest in Bitcoin. Moreover, the price of Bitcoin Cad is also increasing. But the question is how to sell and how to buy and sell Bitcoin in Canada and where can I exchange Canadian coins. The internet is flooded with different platforms and sites where you can buy and sell bitcoin in Canada. As there are no regular hurdles from the Canadian Government, that’s why the process is easy. Bitbuy is a very famous Bitcoin Exchanger in Canada. It is one of the best crypto exchanges in Canada. Here, you can buy Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies with very low transaction charges. The site contains thousands of users so you can trust it. Moreover, the site has also good support that is available online to answer your questions like how to transfer money from a blockchain to a bank account and other exchange problems.Coinbase is another best platform for this purpose. Unlike other websites, Coinbase has very high buy and sell limits. The website easily handles large buys due to which traders and investors prefer it over others. Lastly, people who want to know how to withdraw from Coinbase Canada can visit their help center. They will also resolve your other Coinbase Canada Withdraw issues.Netcoin is also a Canadian Exchange site that offers much better exchange rates and banking charges. The best thing about this website is that there is a 0% charge on funding and other Fiat withdrawals. However, the trading fee is 0.5%. Furthermore, getting started with it is also easy. And the customers also receive support from the help center. These were the best places to buy and sell bitcoin in Canada.

In conclusion, if you’re a newbie and want to trade in cryptocurrency for huge profits, worry not and find a reliable platform. Many platforms can assist you with the initial process and guide you all along. No matter which part of the world you live in, you can trade anywhere and in any currency you want. Besides, make sure to stay away from scams, frauds, and trade wisely with proper considerations.

Sell Bitcoin UK for Cash

There are a huge number of places where people and investors from the UK sell bitcoin for cash. The pound to bitcoin conversion rate is growing gradually. You will be shocked to know that the price of 1 bitcoin in pounds is 38,191. The process of selling is also very simple. There are very crypto-friendly banks in the UK where you can do so. Moreover, you can also sell bitcoin online. Here is what you need to do.

  • Choose a specific platform for selling bitcoin. Make sure that the site or platform is active in the UK. Take the example of Coinbase. Login to your account if any or create a new one. For complete registration, your will need to verify your identity and then your UK bank account.
  • In the next step, the bitcoin you bought will need to be transferred to their own Pro Wallet.
  • After that, you will see the “Sell Bitcoin” option. After completing a few steps, the site will directly sell your bitcoins at the best possible market rate.
  • After a few hours of verification, the GBP will be deposited into your account.

Note: If you have problems regarding how to withdraw money from coinbase uk, how to sell bitcoin for GBP, etc, you can visit the help center, they are available. You will get help via live chat of community forums. Other best places to sell bitcoin UK for cash are Warex and Bitilicous. These are also some of the most reputable sites for buying and selling bitcoins in the UK. The best thing about these sites is they also provide the users with 0.01 BTC to GBP converters. It means these sites allow you to sell bitcoin on a very low level also. So, you can visit them and get started today.

Bitcoin To Cash Liquidation Process

Cryptocurrency is a digital version of cash that does not exist physically and is decentralized which means it is not associated with any bank or issuing authority and is controlled by its users. The records of coin ownership are saved in a computerized database while using sophisticated cryptography to verify and carry out safe and secure transactions. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which was first released in 2009. The notion that bitcoin will soon overtake fiat currencies is the reason why most people are putting money in it now. In the model, one day, users would be able to use Bitcoin for any sort of purchases when it substitutes fiat currencies, such as U.S. dollars, that will then no longer be needed. In the meantime, interestingly, there are indeed a relative handful of corporations or groups of people who receive funds in Bitcoin. That is yet another purpose you might want to translate your bitcoin to cash - to use the worth of your bitcoin to buy the real stuff. One other justification is that the market is in a downward trend. If you expect the cost of bitcoin is going to just keep sinking and thus willing to prevent yourself from loss of revenue, it makes perfect sense to transform bitcoin to real money while you are waiting for the value of bitcoin to regain. Bitcoin network works based on “block chain” which is a public ledger consisting of all the transactions ever carried out. The price of a single coin started at 0.0008 USD in 2009, but now, in a time frame of 12 years, it is well above 30,000 USD for a single coin. You can get bitcoins as payment for any service or product or you can directly buy them. If you have bitcoins and you are thinking of how to convert bitcoin to cash, it is quite simple.

Where to Sell Bitcoin for Real Money

Anyone can sell bitcoin for real money using various methods and websites. One can visit cryptocurrency exchanges like ‘Coinbase’, ‘Binance’, or ‘Kraken’ to get cash in exchange for bitcoins. There are multiple methods to choose from how you want the payment to be carried out. The most commonly used method is bitcoin to PayPal instant exchange. The amount is transferred to your PayPal account almost in a fraction of minutes with no transaction fees and the transaction can be completely anonymous. You can also choose to exchange or withdraw bitcoin to a bank account of your choice using bank wire transfer or direct deposit, but this method comes with its limitations. In the legislation of many countries, to avoid money laundering, the bank account used to initially pay for buying the bitcoin should be the one to receive the money when you cash out your bitcoin with or without profit. There are more methods available to convert Bitcoin to US dollars. You can directly sell bitcoin to services such as ‘Payoneer’ or ‘Payza’ and get paid as easily as having a local US bank account or be able to withdraw money directly from any atm. You can also trade exchange bitcoin at Western Union or MoneyGram for US dollars.

India has one of the largest bitcoin market opportunities for people around the globe. To convert bitcoin to cash in India in Indian Rupees (INR), you can quickly sell bitcoin to ‘WazirX’ or ‘BitBNS’ for instant cash withdrawal or you can use the P2P option where you can choose your own desired amount you want to sell your bitcoin for on sites such as ‘Binance’ and ‘Localbitcoins’.
Anyone can convert bitcoin to the currency of your choice using online or in-person services worldwide, but it completely depends on the person about how the cards are played to get the best value for your cryptocurrency. Around the world, ‘Binance’ is one of the most trusted and largest cryptocurrency exchanges which can be used and accessed by anyone online. Once you are willing to convert bitcoin to real money, think about things like the cost and ease of cash-out strategies, where you would like it to be transferred i.e., Bank account, PayPal, etc. The form of currency for example your country you need to convert your bitcoin in, and also how much are you willing wait to start receiving your money. Therefore, whatever your requirements are, there is always a tactic that can match, and alternatives keep growing as bitcoin is becoming more normal and widespread around the globe.