Buy or Sell Bitcoin for Gift Card

Some latest exchange sites are offering a new method by which you can buy bitcoin with Walmart gift card. Similarly, you can also sell amazon gift cards for bitcoin. It is a very interesting feature that has withdrawn much attention from people. To buy bitcoin with a gift card, simply search for the site that is offering this option. Register your account and go to “Buy Bitcoin”. Select the amount to buy. In the end, all you have to do is to select “Gift Card” from the given payment options. After that, you will need to enter the associated details and information. In this way, you can buy bitcoin. On the other side, to sell bitcoin, you simply have to click “Sell Bitcoin”. Select the currency and enter the amount. In the next step, select “Gift Cards” as the payment option with which you want to get paid with. Your bitcoins will sell and you will receive the cards.

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Buy or Sell Bitcoin for Gift Card- Trade btc for gift cards

Currently, people who trade in bitcoins and then withdraw them to a currency with a fiat system, are experiencing cash shortages as well as devaluation. In that regard, trading for e-Gift cards or bitcoin gift is the best option. There are a number of platforms that are allowing their users to do so. The process is quite simple. If you have bitcoins, start trading. Additionally, you can also deposit some bitcoins using gift cards as your payment method, and then you can start trading them. When you notice that rates are favorable, just sell them. While selling, keep remembering that, you need to be paid with e-Gift cards by the seller or exchange. For this, you will need to select the “Gift Card” from the payment options. So, in this way, you can trade your bitcoin and then sell them for e-Gift cards.

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Sell & Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin crypto currency

The world today has shifted from the mundane traditional trade towards digital trade. This transformation has been accelerated with the pandemic situation. With limited physical movement and social distancing practices people now no choice but engage in trading online. In this situation, cryptocurrency has proven to be the most advantageous innovation. Cryptocurrency can be used to pay almost anything. With the prevailing quarantine; people today struggle even to meet their loved ones. The pandemic has prevented people to gather on occasions. In this situation, one wishes to grant gifts to their loved ones to express their love and wishes to each other. The electronic gift cards have been a replacement for those gifts and wishes. The e-gift cards have been also used to motivate the employees of the organization. Among the various e-gift cards amazon gift card is one of them.

How to make use of Amazon gift cards?

Amazon gift cards are preloaded with an amount set by the user. It is given to the loved ones to benefit from it which is either sent through email or postal service. If you have received an Amazon gift card it will be stored in the funds of your Amazon account and your payment of the next order will automatically be paid through it. It is a good option if you are unsure about what to gift to your loved one as they can get themselves whatever they wish for through the Bitcoin to Amazon gift card. If you have obtained an Amazon gift card it will let you benefit from it in many ways.
⦁ Shop anything from the Amazon site
⦁ Gift it to your loved one
⦁ Sell it for bitcoins, any other cryptocurrency, or physical cash.

How to redeem your Amazon gift card?

After you obtain a valid Amazon gift card you will have to redeem the code.
⦁ The first step is to locate the code. The code is a 16 digit number.
⦁ Go to your Amazon account
⦁ Select Apply for a gift card
⦁ Enter the 16-digit code and click apply
⦁ The code can be redeemed directly when you checkout

how to buy and sell bitcoin for gift card

Virtual card to BTC to Gift Card exchange

A virtual card is a mode of payment in the virtual marketplace which does not require physical representation. It performs only in the virtual marketplace and cannot be used in physical stores. Mostly to protect from frauds and online vulnerability, these cards can only be used once and expire within a month. Bitcoins can be used to get you a virtual card. Our website will enable you to do so with the following steps.
⦁ Register yourself through the signup process.
⦁ Verify your account once it is created
⦁ Go to buy a virtual card and select a virtual card of your choice
⦁ Select bitcoins as the payment method
⦁ Understand the terms of the vendors and choose a vendor who looks reliable and authentic
⦁ Crack the deal and start trading
Once your virtual card is exchanged for bitcoins it can further be used to get gift cards. Amazon gift cards can be purchased through bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin for an Amazon Gift Card Instantly

If you have nothing to buy on the Amazon site and your amazon gift card is left unused you can sell gift card for bitcoin through various reliable platforms such as Paxful, Purse, or LocalBitcoins.
⦁ Register yourself in any of the above-mentioned platforms which supports the exchange of cryptocurrencies
⦁ Verify your account via email
⦁ Go to the page – 'Buy bitcoins instantly’
⦁ Choose Amazon gift card as the mode of payment
⦁ Choose buy bitcoins
⦁ Enter the amount
⦁ Analyze the vendors and choose a reliable and authentic vendor
⦁ Understand their terms, accept them, and carry out the deal.

Sell Bitcoin for Amazon Gift Card

If your Amazon gift card remains unused then you can sell gift cards for bitcoins for that there are plenty of platforms that are trustworthy and authentic. They will allow you to sell these cards whether in cryptocurrency or cash. GameLift is one of the platforms.
⦁ Once you put your amazon card on sale it will be listed among thousands of sellers and buyers who would wish to engage in trade
⦁ to make your sale successful, it is advised to set your price within 15% of your gift card amount.
⦁ It is also advised to offer free delivery for the successful sale of the gift card
⦁ The price of the Amazon gift card might be required to be adjusted frequently as per the prevailing situation and popularity of your card.
⦁ If any of the buyers choose you, make them clear about your terms and conditions and try to crack a deal

Sell Bitcoin for ‘Xbox’ gift card

Xbox cards are gift cards that add money to your Xbox account through which you can buy games or purchase a subscription on your Microsoft Store on your Xbox. Any unwanted or unused Xbox cards can be sold in an online marketplace like Cardpool, Raise, or game lift. Selling it can enable you to convert your gift card to cash. The disadvantage tied with is that you will have to sell it at a price that is lower than the original face value of the card. You can also engage in the exchange programs of other gift cards such as Target gift cards or Amazon gift cards.

Buy & Sell ‘iTunes’ gift card

Platforms like Paxful allow the sale of gift cards so that money could be used in the best way that is beneficial for the user. Through Paxful sellers can sell unused and unwanted spare Itune gift cards for bitcoins. Similarly, if you wish to exchange your Itune gift cards for cash you can sell your gift card on GameLift. This platform allows you to sell non-reloadable, nom transferable, unused, spare, and prepaid gift cards like Itunes for cash. You will have to register yourself on these websites and list your Itunes gift card among hundreds and thousands of buyers.

Buy & Sell ‘home’ depot gift card

Home depot gift cards are used to purchase anything from both online or in their physical shops. Among various platforms, one of the most reliable platforms is to sell the 'home depot' gift cards. Through this platform, you can sell at the price of your choice. You need to enter the credentials that include PIN, the current value, and your selling price. You can sell your home depot gift cards for both cash and cryptocurrency.

Sell & Buy ‘Best buy’ gift cards

The best buy gift cards can be traded through the platform of Paxful. It is very similar to the above procedure. You just need to list your gift card on Paxful after you register yourself on Plaxful and become a verified user. You will have to engage yourself in cracking a deal with a suitable buyer. Paxful allows you to sell your best buy e-gift cards for bitcoins.

Cash App Bitcoin trade

Cash App is a platform to deal with sending and receiving money. Cash App also allows trading in bitcoins. You can exchange your cash for bitcoins. It also allows converting your cash via debit or credit cards to bitcoins. It is not only a reliable and secure way to exchange your cash for bitcoins but it also is one of the fastest mediums to do so.

The takeaway

The gift cards have their edge. But since it is non-transferable, non-reloadable, and temporary it results in unwanted, unused, and spare cards. All of these demand conversion of the gift cards to bitcoins or physical cash. It is always smart to convert these gift cards to cash before they expire.

Your valuable feedback is always welcomed and we appreciate you staying in touch with us about our services and products. If you folks have ever gone through the experience of selling your BTC through any means, we would appreciate having your personal comments on it in our comments section.

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