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Sell Bitcoin for Cash Complete Guide

How to turn bitcoin into cash? How do you cash out bitcoin? These are very common questions that usually new users ask. Let’s you, there are several instant ways by which you turn bitcoin into cash. One of the most preferred methods by investors is to use an exchange site. Because it is easy as well as fast. In this method, you need to transfer your bitcoins to a bank account. After that, you can easily cash them. All you need to do is link your bank account to the exchange site where your bitcoins are saved. The next fast method is to use bitcoin ATMs. It is a physical center where you can convert bitcoin, buy, and sell them. For this, you can use bitcoin debit cards. Lastly, for a more quick transaction, you can use the peer-to-peer method. Simply, ask the buyer to transfer payment to the bank account directly.


How to Sell Bitcoin For Cash at Online Exchange

The best way to cash out bitcoin or sell them is to use an online exchange. People throughout the world, prefer and love this easy and fast method. To sell bitcoin with this method, simply visit the exchange website or app where your bitcoins are saved. You will see a “Sell Bitcoin” on the front page. Click it and you will be directed to a new window. There you will need to set your preferred requirements. It includes payment methods, and other details, etc. After that, search for the best offers. Simply choose from the list of relevant offers and review it before proceeding. If you find it suitable and are satisfied with the buyer’s reviews, go for it. Enter the amount to sell. You can also select from the preset amounts. Read the instructions thoroughly and follow them. In the ned click “Sell Now”. the system will process for a while, and then you will receive your amount.

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How to convert bitcoin to cash from blockchain or coinbase wallet

The increasing value of Cryptocurrency particularly Bitcoin has made its availability in the form of cash somewhat complex and time-consuming only in particular regions. To turn bitcoin into cash is in fact not that easy and simple as it seems. When we folks talk about purchasing Bitcoins, frankly speaking, it is something of a simple and easy process however the process of selling them to get cash is completely contrary. If you have finalized to sell your Bitcoins for cash you are supposed to opt for one of the following.
1: you can get the facility of direct trade.
2: Peer to Peer transaction process.
3: Do it through an exchange
4: Keeping in view your own comfort Cash can be obtained via a Bitcoin ATM.
5: Selling you Bitcoins in persons.
Let's ponder the above-mentioned methods to get cash against BTC Holdings

Use of an Exchange company to sell bitcoin for cash

Getting an exchange service is no doubt raising many questions about privacy and secrecy while selling your Bitcoins against cash but this one-click facility provides you the best and speedy methods of cashing out your Bitcoin Holdings. While selling your Cryptocurrency by an exchange, an exchange simply acts as an intermediary that not only holds the funds of both buyer and seller as well as the information of both parties. Initially, we are required to set up an account with any of our trustworthy exchange. Provide them the details of your identity and bank account to connect a secure setup between your exchange account and your bank account to receive cash. Then, simply a sell order will be placed from your side stating the type of currency you want to trade, its amount, and your demand price per unit. Your selected exchange will automatically complete the transaction, once someone matches your offer. After getting through this process your provided bank account will be credited and then you are simply required to withdraw your desired amount as cash through ATM. This process might need some extra amount of time particularly if the exchange is facing some connectivity issues with the bank or experiencing some types of liquidity issues. Moreover, the different fee amount is usually charged differently by the exchanges. Each exchange provides a specific limit of the amount you are permitted to store. Lastly, these exchanges have never been a secure place to store your cryptocurrency as we have seen some of the past incidents raising questions about their security loopholes, and most importantly these questions are still unanswered by the concerned and responsible authorities.

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P2P Online Trading Option to Sell Bitcoin for cash

The peer-to-peer trading option is a kind of newly developed feature of the cryptocurrency world to make the use of digital currency more frequent and easy, as there is no direct exchange of funds taking place rather some websites particularly work as a platform that brings people together with different needs. The service has been designed for the benefits of both parties who would like to purchase Bitcoins through their credit cards similarly those who wish to spend their Bitcoins to purchase different goods from sellers that don’t take cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The websites offering this service usually provide users with an escrow service for the transaction, as well as a wallet to store Bitcoins securely.

How does it function?

Bob posts his required wish list including the discount amount he wishes to receive, which normally goes up to 25 percent. Jack then accepts the trade and pays for Bob’s goods through the marketplace, stating Bob’s delivery address. Once the goods are delivered, the marketplace releases Jack’s money from escrow and transfers the funds into Jack’s wallet.
While this system allows Jack to acquire Bitcoins comparatively easily using just his bank card, it also charges him a little bit of a high fee for the service. All of the above-mentioned services are in fact online-based centralized platforms. To sell Cryptocurrency availing those services, you will be required to provide them your complete identity and its verification that obviously a kind of irritating step and resultantly keeps the Bitcoin investors away from crypto world as this process does not care about the secrecy.

Method of Direct Trade to exchange btc

There is another possible way of selling your Bitcoins is called the direct trade method. Different exchanges usually provide this service through their websites associated with these exchanges includes an intermediary facilitating the connection. Initially, you are required to get registered as a seller, and then apart from setting up your profile you will be asked to fully verify your provided identity. If you successfully registered with them then you will simply post an offer to sell your Bitcoins. When someone wishes to trade with you keeping in view your offer you will immediately get the notification and then only you and your buyer will be having contact with each other. The website only acts as a platform in order to complete the trade.

ATM’S also offer that services to cash out your BitCoins

Only some specific Bitcoins ATMs do offer the services of cashing out your Bitcoins. Bitcoin ATMs are not like the traditional ATMs of banks. Instead of connecting to the user’s bank account, they are connected to the Internet to be able to facilitate Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin ATMs normally accept money in cash and exchange it to Bitcoins or the available cryptocurrency and give a paper receipt with a QR-code on it or by transferring your funds to a wallet on a Blockchain network. They usually charge very high transaction fees. More importantly, these Bitcoins ATMs are difficult to locate. If you ever wish to use this service you may need to consult the BitCoin ATM card. Only a few numbers of Bitcoin ATMs offer bi-directional functionality meaning that users can buy and sell Bitcoins while using them. Among such machines are Robocoin, Genesis1, and Satoshi2 from Genesis Coin, BitAccess, and BATM. Three model from General Bytes. However, some operators might disable sell operations.

Selling BitCoins Personally.

When talking about “Selling BitCoins personally” seems much easier than any other available methods. You are simply required to scan a QR code on someone's Mobile phone to sell Your Bitcoins and resultantly you will be able to receive your cash immediately. If you’re selling your BitCoins to friends or relatives, you only need to set them up with a Bitcoin wallet, send them the necessary amount and receive your cash.

Our Suggestions for better safety.

Selling your Bitcoin personally might be one of the best ways to cash out your BTC holdings particularly for those who are extra cautious about their anonymity and ease. However, security concern is the biggest question while trading with someone who is a stranger to you. Therefore you are advised to carefully select a safe place. Most importantly, strictly follow the same precautions when carrying a big amount of cash. Be alert, avoid public transport, and never meet in private homes.

Your valuable feedback is always welcomed and we appreciate you staying in touch with us about our services and products. If you folks have ever gone through the experience of selling your BTC through any means, we would appreciate having your personal comments on it in our comments section.

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