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Sell Bitcoin for discount gift card

When you visit a reputed and well-rated online exchange site to sell bitcoins, you are provided with multiple payment options. This means you are paid via different payment options. One of the interesting payment methods is the “Discount Gift Card”. A few exchange sites are now offering this option to their users. In other words, you can now sell gift cards for bitcoins. It is a much better option for most users. It is because if you don’t have any other option available for selling bitcoin gift, you can simply use this one. Just like others, it is also instant and easy to get paid with. Plus, you can use the received Discount gift cards anywhere to get sufficient cut prices. Lastly, in this method, you are given a gift card receipt. Moreover, in the future, you can also buy bitcoins with them. So, it is also an advantage for most of the users.


How to Buy and sell Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card

Due to the evolution in the world of cryptocurrencies, there are many compelling payment methods introduced. One of the interesting methods is the Amazon Gift Card. The process is super easy. All you need to do is to visit the exchange site that is offering this copayment option. Register your account there and verify it. After that, go to “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”. Provide all the details correctly including name, phone number, wallet address, etc. Now, enter the amount to buy and you will be directed to a new window. There, you will see various payment options. Select “Amazon Gift Card, like yours. In the tab, enter the Amazon Gift Card code and you are good to go. In the end, the system will process the gift cardnd then you will receive bitcoins to your provided wallet address.

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Sell Bitcoin for Discount Gift Card- Buy and Sell gift cards

The pandemic struck today has created a favorable environment to use cryptocurrency. As we witness businesses going digital we can benefit from it. The pandemic has resulted in an emergency causing devaluation and scarcity of physical cash. The economy of the world is suffering. In a situation like this, one of the many ways to make use of cryptocurrency is to trade bitcoins for gift cards. In this way, the problem of the shortage of physical cash will be eliminated and digital assets can perform the functions of traditional cash. There are several websites present in the crypto assets marketplace which is a verified platform that provides you with the facility to trade your gift cards for bitcoins. Not only you can deal in the purchase and sell of bitcoins through our platform but these sites also provide you with amazing discounted rates. What makes a gift card legible? The peer-to-peer coin marketplace does not require receipts with every gift card. These marketplaces do not restrict any sort of payment method. Therefore paying through gift cards can be traded in these marketplaces. However, due to the fake buyers and frauds, uploading the image of the receipt of your gift card is highly advised. Attaching a receipt will not only verify the authenticity of the gift card but also sell faster.

sell bitcoin for discount card and buy things

The attributes that make you uploaded images of the gift card. A valid e-gift card includes these items on your receipts:
⦁ It shows ‘cash payment’
⦁ Purchased within 24 hours
⦁ The name of the store and address are visibly mentioned
⦁ The serial number in the gift card matches the serial number in the receipt.
⦁ The redemption code is visible
Sell bitcoin for discounted gift cards online through Paxful- peer to peer marketplace

In the crypto-assets market, Paxful is a reputed and reliable platform to deal with the buying and selling of bitcoins. Unlike other traditional platforms, Paxful offers a varied range of trading options. Among the various exchanging options Paxful offers the facility to trade your gift cards with bitcoins. Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace present worldwide. Trading bitcoins through varied payment methods are what makes Paxful different from the other digital marketplace trading crypto assets. LocalBitcoins is a similar marketplace as Paxful which also provides a wide range of trading options. Although these platforms have extremely appreciated rates, they are reputed and reliable to trade your bitcoins to gift cards. They charge high due to the speed and security they provide. Paxful has over 300 methods of payment. They aim to make bitcoins easier mode of transaction. In addition to this, they also have an escrow service. They even provide you with a free digital wallet when you get registered as their customer.

The procedure
⦁ Get yourself registered on their website through their sign-up process.
⦁ Select the payment method as gift cards.
⦁ Mention your location and select currency like bitcoins.
⦁ Click on search for offers and carefully go through all the details of the offer that might include- the rate of bitcoins they are offering, the name, and verification level.
⦁ Once you are content and certain about the offer that it perfectly suits you click on the button ‘sell’.
⦁ The buyer’s terms and consideration will appear which you need to go through carefully.
⦁ If you agree to the terms and conditions of the buyer click on sell.
⦁ After a successful transaction leaves feedback which will be reviewed by Paxful.

Selling & Buying gift cards with Bitcoin

Platforms like Plaxful, Redeem and LocalBitcoins enable you to buy gift cards through your credit cards and cryptocurrency. To buy the cards buyers first are required to buy credits. Most sites make these credits non-refundable and non-transferable. These marketplaces allow only cryptocurrency payments like bitcoins to buy the credits. Once the buyer gets the credits, he can immediately start purchasing the gift cards.

Exchange btc to Vanilla and OneVanilla e-gift card

Vanilla e-gift is a digital card. If you are a vanilla card user you will have a virtual account and you can trade online, via phone or email. Whenever you engage in trade using a vanilla e-gift card you will have to enter your security code, the expiration date mention in your card, and your account number. The digital funds in your vanilla e-card will be available 24 hours, 7 weeks. One of the variations of the vanilla card is- one vanilla e-card. The features of this variation include:
⦁ It is non-reloadable
⦁ Suitable for everyday spending
⦁ Prepaid functionality

Converting bitcoins to a vanilla card

Bitcoins can be exchanged with vanilla e-gift cards via amazon, paxful and similar platforms. It can also be traded on the cash app on your smartphones. You just need to type the number of bitcoins you want to convert to the vanilla card and click- 'start trade now'. Then you will have to patiently wait for the sellers to respond. Once you find a seller try to crack a deal when you are have analyzed the seller and you are sure of the seller’s authenticity.

The Takeaway

Electronic gift cards are a new way to use digital assets in the cryptocurrency marketplace. The digital codes in the gift cards have improvised over time. You can use it via your smartphones by scanning the digital code present in it. As technology paces and new inventions are transforming the world, digital assets have made a huge impact. It has changed the spectrum of business today. Convert your e-cards to cryptocurrency or use your assets to get your gift cards and experience the new spectrum of digital innovations.

The basic purpose of this article is make you aware about how to use bitcoin for positive purpose and exchange cryptocurrency btc to gift card, voucher codes and coupon, hopefully, you will like this post. Provide us the feedback. Thanks

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    it was something new for me to learn about selling or exchange of bitcoin for discounted gift cards. I learned a lot and experienced on the other website. On a supporting website (BitcointoCashout.net) I exchanged bitcoin for cash and it wasA an excellent experience trading with them.

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      Do they pay according to the market value for a bitcoin?.

      1. judith knows how to buy sell gift card
        Judith Smith

        Yes, they pay according to bitcoin's market value, and you can withdraw cash into any currency and through your selected medium.

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      It's literally the best information to read and trade with bitcoin for the bitcoin users like me who rely on bitcoins transactions.

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      A good piece of information but the cryptocurrency exchange and trade is a vast field so the information should contain all the aspects of the field and the ways to trade and fraud alerts involved in trading.


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