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Sell BTC For Cash In Nigeria and high price

If you own some bitcoins in your wallet and want them to convert into Nigerian coins, you can easily do so. The process is simple. First, you need to convert your BTC to Naira, and then you can cash them. For this, you can simply visit an exchange site to convert bitcoin. Before making any Naira transfer, you need to consider a few things. First of all, check for the exchange site that if it is reliable or not. Carefully get through the exchange rates and other charges. Visit several websites and then compare each of them. In this way, you can sell Bitcoin in Nigeria at a high price. Once you choose the site, go and register your account. Deposit your bitcoins and start trading, you will be instructed about how to trade bitcoin in Nigeria. And when the rates become better, sell them to get Naira Cash.


Where Sell BTC for Cash in Nigeria

Usually, people from Nigeria who have invested in bitcoin ask that how can I sell my Bitcoin. Selling cryptocurrencies have become much easier than before. Moreover, there are several methods introduced for selling. One of the best methods is to sell your bitcoin to an exchange. It is the easiest one and safe as well. In this method, the most tricky part is to find the best seller. It means you need to find the best exchange that can buy bitcoin from you at the best prices. If you find the best one, simply visit them and sign up for your account. Some of them also allow without registering. After that, go to “Sell Bitcoin”. Select the currency in which you want to get paid. Enter the amount of bitcoin to sell. Also, select your country and wallet address to pay your bitcoin. Now, from the given payment options, select the one that is easier for you. Complete the procedure and let the exchange process your order. In a while, your bitcoins will sell.

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Sell Bitcoin For Cash In Nigeria Safely

In the world of technology and socialism, many new things make the lives of humans easier However, money is the most needed thing to survive these days. Though you must have a great amount of money to get what you want. Every person wants their money in a safe place. That is possible with a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallets are storage accounts for saving bitcoin. Even so, it is so easy to exchange bitcoin through Bitcoincashout before spending it. After the conversion, you can turn these bitcoins into physical cash/money. In fact, bitcoin is also a great source of profit. You can double your amount after converting it. Though, there very different exchange rates in every country according to its currency.  But what about Nigeria? Here, you’ll know about the exchange rates for btc in Nigeria and procedure of how to sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria? . It depends on the bitcoin value how much it increases or decreases. Read below to know about it.

sell bitcoin for cash in nigeria at best exchange rates

How Can I Sell Bitcoin For Cash In Nigeria

The selling and buying of crypto is so easy now There are many different several ways by which you can quickly and easily sell or exchange your bitcoin. Having their own policies in every country, whereas Nigeria has too. To sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria , you must have to log into your BFX account www. Mybfx. co and then you have to click on the new transaction. After that, you have to choose BTC in the “ you sell” field and NGN in the “Recipients Gets” field.

Selling Bitcoins For Cash Instantly

Selling bitcoin is not a hard method. You can simply sell it online or through a currency exchange company.  It depends on you what you choose for yourself. Though there are more other convenient ways for it. However, follow these simple steps to complete the process of selling bitcoin for having the cash instantly.

  1. Search for an exchange (viz: CoinMama, CEX.io, Coinbase)
  2. Then send your bitcoins to that exchange. 
  3. For sure, trade your bitcoin for flat.
  4. Now withdraw the flat to your account.

These steps will surely gonna help you in the process of selling bitcoin for cash and you can sell bitcoin in Nigeria at the Nigerian Trusted bitcoin exchange platforms

How To Open A Bitcoin Account In Nigeria

Opening a bitcoin account is not hard when you know how to create an account. According to the different rules and regulations of Nigeria, further, you have to follow the given steps to open your Bitcoin account in Nigeria.

Step 1: Firstly, download a bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin wallet is a simple app from which you can receive or send BCH.

Step 2: Then add bitcoin to your wallet. Hence, you have downloaded your wallet.

Step 3: Now you can use a bitcoin wallet to receive and send bitcoins.

These are some of the simple and easy steps by which you can easily open your bitcoin account in Nigeria by which you can send and receive bitcoins in a simple way.

Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria With Debit Card

However, many people are confused about how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria with a debit card. Well! It’s a very simple process of a few steps. After that, you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria with your debit card. Do read these steps below to know about it.

Step 1: Sign up on Coincola.

Step 2: Then go to the OTC page on the CoinCola website.

Step 3: Choose an offer.

Step 4: Hence, read the description and terms set out by the seller.

Step 5: Do type in the amount of money you want to buy, and then click the buy now button.

Step 6: At last, mark the payment as paid.

BTC Investment Login

Therefore, if you wanna log in to bitcoin investment, it isn’t hard. Because now investment is really easy. First, you have to find an appropriate website. You can find it through a search engine. Afterwards, go to the BTC investment login page via the official link. Then log in using your username and password. After that login screen appears upon successful login. Hence, if you still can’t access the Btc investment login then see the troubleshooting options available on the site.

List Of E-Currency Exchangers

Though there are many e-currency exchanges, some of the top and well-known exchanges name are:

  • Perfect Money. TruexGold. MyTopeExchange. e.tradeXchange.
  • Paypal. InstantGold. Naira4Dollar. Naira2USD.
  • Neteller. Paybis. Naira2USD. MonExchange
  • Advanced Cash. Paybis. TruexGold. 
  • WebMoney. InstantExchnagers. eTrade eXchangers

These are some of the best e-currency exchangers in Nigeria.

Forex Trading In Nigeria Nairaland

Forex trading in Nigeria is done in many places. Though, some of these are the best of all. Have a look at them. They are known as the top 10 forex trading in Nigeria.

  • FXTM - Nigerian Naira (NGN) Funding 
  • IC Markets - These are the  Lowest Spread Nigerian Brokers.
  • HotForex -  One of the Best High Leverage Forex Brokers.
  • AvaTrade - Another best Fixed Spread Trading Account.
  • OANDA - It is the most Regulated Broker (FCA, ASIC)
  • Plus500 - Though it’s the  Best Forex Demo Account.
  • OctaFX -At last, top Nigerian Islamic Account.

Conversion Of Bitcoin Without Fee

Even so, bitcoin has the most expensive transfer fee on the coinbase. Many people can’t afford the fee of a bitcoin exchange. Thus! No worries, because now you can convert bitcoin into physical money or any other currency cash without paying the fee. However, it means that you can buy Bitcoin without paying any fees. Hence, for this, you need to transfer the funds from coinbase to GDAX (for free). After that, then you need to submit a buy order that isn’t already available on the exchange.

.05 Ethereum To USD

Although, ethereum is not a currency of any country. Thus, it is used to calculate the Nigerian currencies. It is mostly known in Nigeria. If you wanna buy or sell ethereum’s ether (ETH) cryptocurrency in Nigeria. For this, you must go through an exchange. However, 0.05 ether is 92.00 equals the United States dollar.

Bitcoin is now mostly used by everyone because you can achieve such a great profit through it by trading. It helps you to get your money doubled. Moreover, it can be converted into every currency according to the countries and through different ways. Hence, there are several ways to sell bitcoin. You can sell it online or through any best currency exchange. A bitcoin wallet is one of the secured wallets where you can save your digital money without fear. You also got the possibility of selling bitcoins into cash instantly. Moreover, they also provide the option of buying bitcoin with your debit card in Nigeria. For more, you are also allowed to convert your bitcoin without any fee, which is such a great opportunity for Nigerian citizens.  However, it is easy to open your account in Nigeria. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. Nigerians buy and sell it quite a lot. Even so, 0.05 ethereum is equal to 92.00 United States Dollar

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